Thursday, August 21, 2014

"... As long as it's forbidden socially or lawfully ..."


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What is your idea of a forbidden relationship? 

Ocèane asked August 17, 2014
I need some ideas for a story I'm writing.  I've already got the whole incest thing down, teacher/student, boss/secretary, any older man with much younger woman and Muslim with any other religion (or lack thereof).

As long as it's forbidden socially or lawfully.

 Best Answer 

  • Aslam answered August 18, 2014
    Ocèane, there is one case of forbidden love that I found to be utterly fascinating: it was featured in the Star Trek episode "Metamorphosis" (from the original 1960's TV series).

    In "Metamorphosis", only one person found the relationship to be forbidden... and that was the guy having the relationship.  He was disgusted with himself for doing it and disgusted with everyone else, because they all thought that it was perfectly OK.  His relationship was with an alien... and he didn't even realize that it was sensual & romantic until he was informed of that fact by Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

    Interestingly, the guy's name was "Cochrane" (yes... pronounced "cock - run"). .

    I'd suggest that you try and rent the DVD if you can find it somewhere (or just purchase it from for a few dollars - ).

    The reason I found this particular episode to be fascinating from the moment that I first saw it was because of the intimate relationship that I shared with my sister during our teens and into our 20's (see link, below).  We thought that our relationship was absolutely wonderful and immensely satisfying (and it was)... but no one else ever knew about our forbidden love.

    It's interesting how different people view things that are supposedly "forbidden".


Here is a pictorial summary of the Star Trek episode "Metamorphosis"

Epilogue: The Irony of Reality

The character Zefram Cochrane was supposedly 220 years old
when he was encountered by Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and
Commissioner Hedford.

The talented youthful actor who played Zefram Cochrane
was named Glenn Corbett.

Ironically, Mr. Corbett passed away
at the age of 59 due to lung cancer.

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